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backcountry skiing canada photosWe started Backcountry Skiing  Canada with the intention of eventually creating ski touring guides for different  regions across  Canada. We had to start  somewhere, so why not our own backyard? This idea was the spark behind the paper-based West Kootenay Touring Guide you've proabably seen around, and the web site you are looking at now.

Our goal in creating this web site and the guidebook is to celebrate the mountain lifestyle we have chosen and to share our backcountry skiing knowledge amongst ourselves and with folks from away. As this website and the knowledge base grows with more contributions on the
Forums, we hope to build the backcountry skiing community, encourage
safe travel through the mountains, promote a healthy appreciation for
Mother Nature, and crank up the fun factor. 

The Kootenay Region is acknowledged to have some of the best powder skiing in the world. That may be why there are more cat and heli skiing operations nearby than anywhere else on the planet. Though some of the routes in our region take advantage of a ski lift (Whitewater and Red, for example) most depend on your using your body to climb and tour to get the goods.

Enjoy your turns. We will too.



Backcountry skiing is an inherently dangerous activity that requires experience and knowledge to travel safely. Any of the routes on this site may be dangerous depending on conditions. You are responsible for your own safety in the backcounty—the team behind backcountryskiingcanada.com disclaim any responsibility for any injury resulting from people travelling on routes described on this site.  To read our Terms of Use and get all the details, read HERE.